When darkness falls, monsters come to play.


Heat. Claws. Teeth.
They rake over your body and draw you in.
There is no one here but you and them; only their breath on your neck and your pulse throbbing in your veins.
They creep from the shadows, from the darkest of dreams. They are here to take. Conquer. Claim.
You know what they are, and terror seizes your breath.
But you open yourself to the monsters.
And you let them in.

Ten exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places.

Reticent Desire Publications and the monster-loving readers’ group, Monsters, Demons & Knotting, Oh My! is thrilled to present this limited-edition anthology featuring steamy encounters with creatures both paranormal and alien.
Our guys may be monsters—but this Halloween, your heart won’t be all they’ll eat….

Including Authors:
Cass Alex, Isoellen, Ophelia Bell, Nora Ash, L.V. Lane, Leann Ryans, Godiva Glenn, Leslie Chase, V.T. Bonds, Merel Pierce

Monsters After Dark:
A Beastly Paranormal Romance Anthology

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Monsters After Dark w/ Cass Alex
Monsters After Dark w/ Cass Alex available at other retailers

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Aliens move among us—warriors, soldiers, explorers, and more—testing fate and finding love with their true mates. And they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure their human mates remain forever caught in their Alien Embrace.

This hot new collection brings you all the best in science fiction alien romances from New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Our heroes and heroines will satisfy your cravings for every kind of alien romance, whether you prefer slow-burn or fast, one hot hero or two…or more.

Get this steamy new collection of alien romances from the best, new, and up-and-coming voices in sci-fi romance.

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Alien Embrace with Cass Alex available on Amazon
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The Alien Embrace anthology not only came in #1 in several Amazon categories but also garnered Best Seller tags in other countries. It made it to #69 in the entire Amazon store AND came in at #69 on the USA Today Best Sellers List.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cass Alex and the authors of the Alien Embrace anthology - well done!

Alien Embrace with Cass Alex available at other retailers

Alien Embrace

Shifters for a Cause w/ Cass Alex

Shifters for a Cause
A Shifter Auction Shared World Collection

It takes a village...

When ten-year-old Kevin comes down with Uniform Shifter’s Disease—a blood disorder that would eventually prevent him from shifting between his animal form and his human—one small town will band together and do whatever it takes to fight an insidious disease affecting the shifters who live among them.

From Wolves to Dragons to Possums, and everything in between, the single shifters are going up for auction! Sold to the highest bidders, for twenty-four hours anything goes—and some might even find their fated mates.

When times get tough, the tough get dates with sexy shifters, all for a good cause.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rumor has it...

Monster Mouthfuls logo.png

Well, updates are out...We are into the new year, so as always we took a peek at Cass's spreadsheet to see what she is currently working on. She takes a lot of notes and has some odd nicknames and shorthand in there, but this is what we may or may not have figured out...

Cass has several anthology shorts back in her hands that she is expanding into solo books.

Because of this, the following are her currently prioritized projects:

Her Horned Alien (SFR), Her Runed Alien (SFR), Them vs Us (Sci-Fi), Cocky Ever After (Cont.Rom), Their Avenging Angel (PNR)



Everybody Loves Gobi (SFR), My Demon – Foretold (UF)


 Contemporary Romance / RomCom:

  • She is nearly done reworking and expanding Cocky Ever After. She still hasn't chosen a new name for it yet though.

  • And it looks like 1 more standalone is also underway. Something about a delivery service?


 Young Adult:

  • I see a school series in its preliminary stages. I can't give details but it looks... quirky?

  • Oh.My.Goodness! It looks like she has a new project underway with an unnamed author. I have no clue who it is but I see the name 'Michael' jotted a lot in their communications.


 Paranormal Romance:

  • With the Shifters for a Cause anthology finished, Cass is reworking Their Avenging Angel into a solo book.

  • She also has book 1 in a new PNR series that starts off in someone else's world that appears to be 1/3 done. (I nearly fainted when I saw 'MTW' next to it. If that stands for Milly Taiden World, this might be the long-awaited PDA book Cass has been wanting to write!)

 Urban Fantasy:

  • It looks like the prequel to the Demon Broken, Send Help series is in edits. Does this mean the series is finally going live? DOES IT, CASS??

  • I just counted 3 other detailed UF items remaining on her spreadsheet! She nicknamed them 'MG & Isha series', 'Hellhound series', and 'Hotel Dmonika'.



  • I see book notes that mention a serial killer but no details, and an action/adventure type series (??) but it looks like the very early stages of being hashed out.



  • Them vs Us, from the Area 51 anthology is being polished into a solo book.

  • Wait - the notes say Area 51 series?! She is turning that short into a series! That was such a cool story, and so many people liked that one. I'm excited for this!


 Sci-Fi Romance:

  • The prequel for the Visits from the Intergalactic Matchmaker series looks like it was changed a bit and extended. It's in edits along with the UF prequel. This series has been sooooo long-awaited, her fans will go crazy that it's finally here!

  • It also looks like she is expanding both Her Horned Alien ( VIM book #1) and Her Runed Alien (VIM book #3) to ready them for release. However, I do not see Her Rescuer Alien (VIM book #2) anywhere. Is that what she has been toying with when she isnt expanding the others??

  • I also see 2 other series' outlined, one nicknamed 'hairball' and one nicknamed 'AP' with Author Lucee Joie's name next to it. I see 3 little x's next to the 'AP' one. (I hope that means it's Sci-Fi Erotica or something. I can't wait to find out!)



  • With Invaded tucked safely into long-term anthology Monsters After Dark, Cass has started outling the next book in her Monster Mouthfuls series.


 Erotica and Dark Romance:

  • She's been plotting! I see beginning notes on a series with Author Soferet Metucka. Oooh... that will be a good one. Soferet is a straight-up hardcore erotica author, so I am curious what the two of them together will come up with.



  • Wow... it appears that Cass has pulled out of all anthologies she was due to take part inj this year. This is unexpected. I suspect it may have something to do with her having several anthology shorts back in hand to fix up.

  • I see "dino anth 2022" still in her notes. I think there was going to be a dino anth but she has other plans now. Please be a dinosaur shifter... PLEASE be a dinosaur shifter...

It also looks like the newsletter is about to come out, so check your email for it, and if you are not a subscriber, hit the Newsletter page here.

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