Wicked Temptations went out to the publishers of the Crimson Moon Hideaway series last night!

Alongside books by Author J.A. Nolan, Wicked Temptations will be part of the Positively Beastly line of books within the main series, with new ones coming in 2021.


Wicked Desires by J.A. Nolan
Wicked Temptations by Cass Alex

Orders in the thousands have been placed for the upcoming Alien Embrace anthology, and we couldn't be happier! The book boasts favorites such as Celia Kyle, Honey Philips, Ava Ross, Lucee Joie, Michele Mills, and dozens more.

Alien Embrace will debut on September 10, 2021. Buying early will not only reserve your copy the moment it releases but will also save you money.

Alien Embrace Anthology

Visits from the Intergalactic Matchmaker series is on fire!


To keep up with demand, Cass is currently working on a reader magnet for the popular new series. The freebie short story will explain the concept and tease readers with what they can expect.

With Stolen and Seduced possibly staying published a little longer, we have some news to tide you over...

Plans are already underway not only for the first several books in the series but permission from other authors for their characters to make an appearance.

That's right, Gobi - our sweet little alien granny - will not only be traveling a lot this coming year but will be meeting races you have read about elsewhere!

This collaborative agreement between Cass Alex and other SFR authors hopes to bring about shared audiences, introduce you to new favorites, and encourage you to reread the ones you already love.

The magnet cover will debut on the FB page so don't forget to like us, and follow us, for news and contests as we start giving away swag to celebrate the new releases!

It's started

Cass is currently working on a series name for her anticipated "witch and demon" series.

~ Yes, book 1 will be released by the summer of 2021.

~ Yes, we already have the cover ready (sneak peeks as soon as we name it).

~ It's going to be considered Urban Fantasy because it's a very slow burn. The MC hasn't decided if she likes her new demon buddy as more than a friend yet so if she does, it would be further into the series.

However, early ARC readers are downright giddy about the new series, it's quips, interactions, and characters. Yeah!

Rumor has it...


We took a peek at Cass's spreadsheet to see what she is currently working on. She takes a lot of notes and has some odd nicknames for her unnamed books and series, but this is what we figured out so far:


2 standalones are coming! 

Young Adult:

I see a school series in preliminary stages

Paranormal Romance:

2 more books for the Crimson Moon Hideaway series are partially outlined, and it looks like she may co-write one with Author J.A. Nolan.

There's also an outline for a new world, and apparently, book 1 is nearing the point of edit and might be submitted into another author's world (wow!)


Urban Fantasy:

I just counted a whopping 4 detailed UF items on her spreadsheet! She nicknamed them 'witch and demon series', 'MG & isha series', 'hellhound series', and 'hotel dmonika'.


I see book notes that mention a serial killer but no details. Should be interesting.


Area 51 series (She is turning that anth submission into a series!)

Sci-Fi Romance:

Intergalactic Matchmaker has 4 new books outlined plus the magnet and book 1. Looks like Cass is also working with Author Lucee Joie on 'borrowing' one of her characters.

I also see 2 other series' outlined, one nicknamed 'hairball' and one nicknamed 'AP' that she might work on with Author Lucee Joie.

Erotica and Dark Romance:

She's been plotting! I see beginning notes on a series with Author Soferet Metucka.




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